Type of products for conservation

At VegaSana we have natural conservation products, refrigerated conservation and frozen products.

Natural products

At Vegasana our products have a natural conservation, without added chemical additives. These products retain all the characteristics and properties.

Natural Products Catalog

Refrigerated Products

We also have a line of refrigerated products, for that conservation and more immediate use.

These products retain all the characteristics and properties.

Refrigerated Products Catalog

Frozen Products

At Vegasana we have the possibility of offering our frozen products, which must be frozen in the cold chain until they reach the customer.

These products retain all the characteristics and properties.

Frozen Products Catalog

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Red peppers, green peppers, aubergines, tomatoes, onions, artichokes, yellow peppers, zucchini, broccoli, etc…

All our products are of the best quality and have passed strict production controls.

I + D

At VegaSana, we continuously work on research and development to make our products in a healthier and more efficient way, avoiding all kinds of additives external to the product.

Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our process.


At Vegasana, most of our products have the bio label, which means a great effort to offer the customer a totally ecological and high-quality product.

The final claim is to ensure that all our products are deserving of this distinction.


All our products are made without chemical additives, without added water, without dyes or preservatives, in an artisan way.

Those roasted products have been made in a wood oven.


At VegaSana, quality is treated with the utmost rigor, following up from the time the product is planted, cared for and treated, harvested and finally made.

We make a total and complete follow-up of our raw material until its elaboration.


At VegaSana, we develop customized products, based on the needs of each client. We adapt to factors such as traceability, labeling, ingredients, etc…

Personalized attention

Do not hesitate to contact our staff, for any type of doubt about our products or their preparation.


We have a wide catalog of products, just as we carry out tailor-made and specific preparations for each client.

Tailor Made

We make customized products, both in content and labeling, all depending on the client.


We have the collaboration of important distribution companies that guarantee the delivery of any product throughout Europe.

Raw material

From the best selection of our plantations, we will be able to obtain the best product, only with the best product, the best result can be achieved.

Human team

Our human team is what provides value both to our company and to our final product.

Our Quality

We only work with locally produced raw materials.

A small sample

At VegaSana we add value

We create custom products

We have the possibility of creating customized products for our clients, both in terms of content and labeling.

All this always under rigorous quality controls.

Bio - organic product

At Vegasana we have a production line for organic products, that is, totally organic products. Not all of our products are included in this line. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

special packaging

Our products can be packaged in glass jars, trays of different sizes and bags, which are very practical and versatile.

Our references

Human team

At VegaSana, we have a large team of professionals, from manufacturing personnel, R&D, laboratories, administration, etc… and each of them contributes their little grain to our company.

Raw material

At VegaSana, we only work with top quality and extra quality products, controlled at source, and from the beginning we monitor the product in the plantation, in this way we ensure that it arrives in the best possible conditions for manufacturing. We make our products throughout the year and we have the capacity and availability to respond to any request.


At VegaSana, we have the most advanced technological equipment in the packaging, production, cleaning, treatment, R&D, laboratories, etc… departments, all of which allows us to serve our customers as quickly as possible.

Quality controls

One of the most important departments for us is quality, which guarantees throughout the production phase that the product meets the strictest quality requirements that we demand of ourselves and that we offer to our clients.

special packaging

We are the only manufacturer that distributes its products in bags of different weights, which provide;

Easy to use.
Retrench of space.
They do not generate waste.
The product is seen and touched.


We study the specific needs of our clients, we make custom budgets, we work on any type of bottle or packaging, we also create personalized labeling. For any questions call us at +34 965 300 899 or fax +34 966 744 200. You can also contact info@vegasana.com by email.